We believe that the sum total of every action, word, and thought you generate in your leadership role changes the culture and the bottom line of your organization. 

Listen to our Thought Leaders talk about the foundational elements of all our programs:

Our curriculum is scaled to challenge experienced high-performers. From mid-level executives to distinguished senior leadership teams, we apply a range of teaching methods to provide thought provoking, content-rich learning experiences for leaders who want to take their ability to influence and inspire to the next level.

More than hearing another “presentation,” most often what your listeners want is to have a conversation, an exchange of ideas, a meeting of minds. In all our programs, we create inspiring conversations with your executives. Even when your meeting requires slides, a stage, or a microphone, we always challenge you to create a conversation with your listeners.

Diversity is a key ingredient to driving innovation and transformation across every industry. We design curriculum to hear from every voice in the room. Gender, race, cultural background, introverts, extroverts, creatives, scientists … mining the diversity of thought in the room generates more ideas, stimulates collaboration, and allows you to consider a situation or problem from all perspectives.

You’ll have the opportunity not only to learn powerful leadership principles and tools, but also to get on your feet, practice, and receive real-time feedback from both our world-class Thought Leaders as well as from your colleagues. We are invested in growing a culture of practice and feedback within your organization so you can build a more collaborative culture, perform at your best, and maximize results.

A well-told story makes a complex business idea easier to understand, and gives color and nuance to any situation. Most importantly — stories make a memorable impact. Every Thought Leader at The Applause Institute is a gifted storyteller. We teach through powerful stories that offer insight, humor and solutions for advancing your leadership communication and presence.

We examine the ecosystem to identify factors that contribute to the challenges facing your teams and leaders. Through third-party assessments and interviews, we act as cultural anthropologists to examine the elements of the external environment that may be impacting individual or team behavior. Systems Thinking ensures our coaching addresses the root of the challenge and not just the symptoms.

Your presence as a leader is driven most by what you are thinking and feeling in any given moment — your mindset. We all notice the difference between an executive who is stressed and one who is full of passion. At The Applause Institute, we delve beneath the surface to teach you practical tools and techniques to manage your mindset to bring out your boldest and brightest leadership presence. We develop your leadership from the inside out.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

– Albert Einstein