Present ideas, messages and stories

Whether rallying your team, pitching a product, or delivering a keynote address, making a memorable impact gets results. The foundation of successful leadership hinges on relevant ideas, memorable messages, and powerful stories.

Transform your presentation — from talking “at” your listeners — into a relevant, organized, dynamic conversation that advances the power of your ideas. Learn to create succinct, memorable messages. To inspire action, allay fears, or lead your listeners into the future, share a powerful story. Skillful storytelling makes the complex easier to understand, giving color and nuance to any situation.

Develop peak performance communication in three core areas:

PRESENTING IDEAS: Inspire your listeners to action
  • Organize your ideas into a compelling, scalable narrative that drives results
  • Navigate the unpredictable nature of Q&A with skill and finesse
  • Reveal and amplify the power of your body, eyes and voice
POWER MESSAGING: Make a memorable impact
  • Learn a proven methodology to connect message to story
  • Craft a concise message to drive specific business outcomes
  • Harness powerful language to influence the emotion of your listener
  • De-mystify the art of storytelling to deliver a relevant story or metaphor
  • Develop brand-relevant stories to communicate value
  • Use classic story structures and techniques to bring data alive



• An executive whose new role requires more clear, succinct messaging
• A sales team looking to inspire their partner and customers to action
• A senior leader launching a new product or strategic initiative


• Delivered live in an interactive, desk-free setting
• Frequent small-group breakouts for practice and feedback
• Powerful tools to manage mindset in relevant scenarios

“Can you believe how much time executives devote to speeches and presentations? … So why do presentations persist? Because a good one, even if it ultimately conveys little detailed information, can have a powerful emotional impact. It can win people’s trust and motivate them to act, thereby sparking organizational insight and change. And on a personal level, the ability to move an audience can shape the trajectory of a manager’s career.”

- Nick Morgan

Harvard Business Review