“Many executives believe that leadership development is a job for the HR department. This may be the single biggest misconception they can have… Companies whose boards and senior executives fail to prioritize succession planning and leadership development end up either experiencing a steady attrition in talent or retaining people with outdated skills. Such firms become extremely vulnerable when they have to cope with inevitable organizational upheavals.”

— Jeffrey M. Cohn, Rakesh Khurana, and Laura Reeves, Harvard Business Review

Empathetic Leadership


What is Empathetic Leadership? 

When leaders communicate, they create culture. Listeners notice the difference between a leader who is stressed and one who is full of passion and purpose. Because people remember most how you make them feel, managing your mindset in high-stakes engagements is crucial to the prosperity of your organization.

Empathetic Leadership focuses on the traditional components of improving your narrative and your delivery, and adds the often-overlooked, secret ingredient: the tools to skillfully and consistently access a focused, resilient mindset.

Elevate your strategic communication to a more confident, generous, and bold executive presence — your Empathetic Leadership presence.



Design succinct, relevant, and memorable content.


Unleash the power of the body, eyes, and voice.


Transform nervousness into clear-headed confidence.

“Chi taught us how to elevate our message and deliver it in an impactful and concise way. The results were amazing and the entire team felt confident and empowered by what we learned. We felt we could use the techniques for messaging and delivery immediately.”

— Amy Hensiek, Partner Marketing Manager GEH, VMware

The Empathetic Leadership Series

Three levels of advanced communication development for high performers:

Move ideas, messages, and stories

Navigate dialogues, deals, and meetings

Inspire creativity, collaboration, and change

Designed for mid- to senior-level executives to transform how they lead, engage, and inspire, immerse your senior teams and leaders in our highly interactive, experiential learning approach.

In plenary sessions, discover powerful principles and proven methods for consistent high-performance communication. Then, in small, group breakout sessions, practice new skills and receive personalized development from our diverse, world-class team of communication experts. We design the right solution to accelerate your leaders from our advanced series: