PowerPresence Leadership


What is your PowerPresence? 

Your listeners notice the difference between a leader who is stressed and one who is full of passion. Because people remember most how you make them feel, your leadership presence is often driven by what you are thinking and feeling in any given moment — your mindset. Managing your emotional state — your mindset — transforms your nerves into your boldest and brightest leadership presence — your PowerPresence.

PowerPresence Leadership develops your narrative and your delivery, and adds the often-overlooked, secret ingredient: the power to skillfully and consistently access a focused, resilient mindset.



Design succinct, relevant, and memorable content.


Unleash the power of your body, eyes, and voice.


Transform nervousness into clear-headed confidence.

The PowerPresence Leadership Series

Three levels of advanced development for high performers:

Move ideas, messages, and stories

Navigate dialogues, deals, and meetings

Motivate innovation, change, and leadership

Designed for mid- to senior-level executives to transform how you lead, engage, and inspire, immerse yourself in our interactive, on-your-feet, experiential learning approach.

In plenary sessions, learn powerful principles and proven methods for consistent high performance. Then, in small, group breakout sessions, practice new skills and receive personalized coaching from our diverse, world-class thought leaders. Let us custom-tailor the right solution for your organization from our advanced series:

“Chi taught us how to elevate our message and deliver it in an impactful and concise way. The results were amazing and the entire team felt confident and empowered by what we learned. We felt we could use the techniques for messaging and delivery immediately.”

— Amy Hensiek, Partner Marketing Manager GEH, VMware