PowerPresence Leadership


What is your PowerPresence? 

Great leaders inspire action. Your listeners notice the difference between a leader who is stressed and one who is full of passion. Your leadership presence is driven most by what you are thinking and feeling in any given moment — your mindset. People remember most how you make them feel. Managing your emotional state — your mindset — transforms your nerves into your boldest and brightest leadership presence — your PowerPresence.

PowerPresence Leadership focuses on the traditional components of improving your narrative and your delivery, and adds the often-overlooked, secret ingredient: the tools to skillfully and consistently access a focused, resilient mindset.

Your PowerPresence inspires greater results by uniting:

• NARRATIVE: Design relevant, succinct, and memorable content

• DELIVERY: Unleash the power of your body, eyes and voice

• MINDSET: Transform nervousness into confidence

The PowerPresence Leadership Series

develops peak performance communication in three core areas:

Present Ideas, Messages and Stories

Navigate Dialogues, Deals and Meetings

Motivate Innovation, Change and Talent

Designed for mid- to senior-level executives to transform how you lead, engage and inspire, immerse yourself in our interactive, on-your-feet, experiential learning approach.

In plenary sessions, learn powerful principles and proven methods for consistent peak performance. Then, in small-group breakout sessions, practice new skills and receive personalized coaching from our diverse, world-class Thought Leaders. Choose any or all of our three-part series:

“Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths.”

- John Peter Zenger



Coaching your teams and leaders in small groups ensures a transformative experience for one, two, and three day live engagements.


A conversational half-day keynote jump-starts the transformation of your team by introducing key principles of any of our programs.


Fast-tracked, individual development is often best to accommodate the schedules, visibility or on-boarding of busy leaders.


When in-person training is prohibitive, our programs are delivered online in 1-2 hour highly-interactive video conference segments.